Welcome to the fabulous world of Leg’s Entertainment

Welcome to the fabulous world of Leg’s Entertainment

Legs Entertainment has been around in our community for several years bringing you a variety of unique events and experiences which includes: charity fund raising, parties, sporting activities, travel, and line dancing.

As the needs of our community changes so does our focus. We realize that many grown and mature adults are working towards becoming physically fit and healthy. Exercise is an essential part of fitness however, not an easy task for most.  It can put pressure and strain on your arms, back, legs and joints. In turn, this can cause permanent injury and discouragement from continuing on your path to wellness. Does this sound like you? Well we are here to help. Why not “Line Dance” those pounds away?

What is “Line Dancing”?

Line Dancing is a choreographed dance with a repeated sequences of steps performed by a group of people arranged in one or more “Lines” or rows.  While these rows are described as “Lines” they may curve, corner, or otherwise be nonlinear in the geometric sense. Dancers can perform these steps facing in the same direction or each other. In the past, “Line Dancing” was associated with country music. However, it’s popularity is increasing nationwide and embraced by several other music styles which includes: Swing, Rock and Roll, Disco, Blues, R & B, Soul and Hip Hop.

Leg’s Entertainment is leading the evolution of “Line Dancing”. We strive to bring you the best in all styles, from old school to new school,  keeping it effective, fun and enjoyable. Several of our original dances can be seen on YouTube. Our instructors are professional and skilled at developing great dances to the latest songs. Under their instruction, the beginner will look like an expert in just a few weeks.  Feedback and class participation is always encouraged. Once you have learned and mastered a few of these fun dances, you will get a chance to perform them at our Showcase. Showcases are held quarterly and our class performs what they have learned in front of family, friends, and coworkers. We are frequently invited to perform at various community and social events which we encourage our class to take part in as well. Our “Line Dancing” class is made up of several professional men and women from many different backgrounds. Each week we come together to network, socialize, and get fit.  All that is missing is you.

Come and join us!


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  1. Sam Romito · December 9, 2015

    Wow super awesome site! Thanks for posting!

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