T Shirts

Hello Ladies and Gents!

I hope this post finds you well. Regarding the shirts purchased there seems to be a slight problem with the ink that was used to do the iron on transfer. I washed mines and the colors ran. Hopefully noone else has had this problem.  If you need to clean your shirt I suggest you have it dry cleaned or handwash with mild soap. I will be visiting the printer tomorrow to investigate this issue. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. If you’ve already experienced an issue with your shirt, please contact me.

Have a good weekend!

Leg’s Line Dancing Class Wednesday September 17, 2014


I hope this post finds you well. We are really excited about class tomorrow as we prepare to shoot our first official video for our Youtube channel. Please come prepared for class as normal. If you are planning to be in the videos we ask that you wear dressy black pants, jeans, or leggings along with black dress shoes. Heels preferably for the ladies. You will receive your Line Dancing T Shirts upon arrival to class. I will collect from all who still have an outstanding balance. Thanks to all who have cleared their balances.

Debut’s will be:

Fine China choreographed by Dora

I Blame You choreographed by Art

I Blame You

This week’s dance is I Blame You by Ledesi choreographed by Art “PHOTO” Bandit Brown.

I Blame You was choreographed by Art and is full of passion and energy. The routine incorporates many moves from the Chicago Steppin style of dance and adds a delicious twist to platform of line dancing. Our class is working very hard in preparation for our showcase on the 27th of September where this dance will be performed in front of an audience for the first time. Youtube video coming soon.