Networking Cafe

 elcome to our business Networking Café! You may be here for a while so settle in and join us for a sip of virtual coffee or tea.

coffee or tea

Now that you are all settled in, allow us to explain what this page is all about. Our dance class is made up of several professional men and women who own, or have started their own business. The best part of it all? We have gathered their information for you and its all right here at your fingertips. Below you will find information about the services, goods, or specials they offer. We update our website on a weekly basis, so if you don’t find what you are looking for today, please check back next week.

While you are waiting on your blessing…BE ONE!

 Click on the business cards below to view in your browser or to connect to the business website.


Creations By Antoinette

Creations by Antoinette

Event Décor


House of Braids

House of Braids


ABIII Photography


Feel free to add or update any existing post by adding your comments below


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